Welcome to Populistica.com. A site dedicated to selling you the very best in slogan apparel and accessories combined with a regularly updated blogging and discussion platform, focused on politics, philosophy, art and culture.

My main purpose for starting this website was to create a small micro-business in a field that interested me. I have an over 30 year interest in politics and culture, but it’s only really within the last two years that I’ve realized Western Civilization is on a downward trajectory, a victim of an all pervasive Liberal Extremism which, while growing out of well-intentioned social altruism and ‘fair play’, has mutated into a form of mass subjugation and tyranny.

Western Culture is under threat, with mass demographic change leading to an abundance of cultural and political problems. Our politicians seek only to manage the situation in increasingly totalitarian ways, building alliances with media and technology platforms to shape the narrative and constrict free speech. Fortunately there are an increasing  number of brave souls leading a resistance movement dedicated to fighting the tyranny of the Globalist Order, through the use of social media, blogging, video journalism and memes.

We are fighting a war, our memes a flotilla of brigantines on the high seas of information. Just as any good marine in the King’s Service requires a uniform, so I decided I wanted to build a shop selling the very best in Meme Armor. Whether you’re a Red Blooded Nationalist or Kekistani Shitlord, we’ve got fantastic t-shirts and hoodies for all true believers. Wear your heart on your sleeve and show your affiliation to the flag! Whether it’s Trump, America First, Brexit Britain or just general red pilled memery, we’ve got you covered (literally). We’re starting with a focus on America, Britain and gaming culture, but my aim is to expand to other countries and subcultures, and with your help, make this a ‘one stop shop’ for all your nationalist and culturalist needs.

All products are high quality, made to order and shipped straight from our China warehouse direct to the customer. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards via the Paypal Express payment gateway, and you can pay in either American Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros.  We offer free shipping on everything and can deliver to around 200 countries worldwide, with most orders shipped within 14 days. Please check out our Shipping Policy and Refund and Returns pages for more information.

How to order

Navigate to the product you want, read the description and pay special attention to the Sizing Guide available on most items, using the built in conversion widget to convert between inches and centimeters as necessary. Choose the item Color (if available) and the Size, and add the item to your shopping cart.

View your cart and simply follow the Checkout procedure to send your billing details (and alternate shipping address if required) to Paypal and complete payment.

Once your order has been received, you will be emailed an Order notification. The order will then enter the process flow. All our items are made to order and some may take longer than others, especially in the case of embroidered items. Please allow up to seven days for processing to complete – once shipped, in most circumstances you will receive an Order Complete email together with your Tracking Number.

For all Sales and Order related queries, please head to the Contact Us page or send an email to:



For any Returns, Shipping or Privacy related queries, please head to the Contact Us page or send an email to:



The Blog and Product sections will be regularly updated, so please check back often.

Happy Memeing my dudes!

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