“It’s coming…”

I first started building this website towards the end of May, 2017. And now almost six months later, it’s finally getting towards the point where I’m nearly ready to make a formal launch. Part of the reason for the delay is the uphill struggle to develop a uniform UI that is also responsive to any device. Without going into too much detail in what platform the site is using, the real chore that I came up against is developing in a desktop environment does not tend to lend itself that well to mobile. Continue reading “It’s coming…”

The Pendulum

We are at war. Decades of Globalist policies have transformed our societies and given power to Liberal Extremists who do not care or cannot forecast at the long term damage they are doing to Western Civilization. Their Cultural Marxism combined with low indigenous birth rates has fostered a policy of mass importation of the Islamic Third World, leading to a political and cultural contagion that, over time, will vie for dominance with our own, subjugating our people and colonizing our territory. Continue reading The Pendulum